a rainy writing day

A rainy writing day is....

 hot tea by the window...

a cute green teapot with my sister's hand in the background

little tiny droplets of H2O on the windowpane

drippy wet flower faces.

Plants that look rather foreboding as high contrasted silhouettes, but are still all the same comforting. Somehow.

Messy stacka papers; Message Bible Remix and my trusty notebook with my new book's plot scribbled down inside.

Trying new foods; Daddy brought me home Pocky sticks from the show. :)

eating the yummies..

Ended up eating them all in under 20 minutes.

hanging out in my sweet little writing space.

Glowing ivy. How pretty you are.

I do love an occasional rainy day, they're so peaceful and thought-provoking, but honestly? The overcast days are beginning to become a bit much. Cue sigh.

Anyhow, I did get some writing in, which was lovely aaaand, I had a bit of inspiration...

I've been considering doing a Vlog- with Q&A and such, as I was inspired by Kimberly's vlog which was soo much fun!

So, if you wish, ask away in the comments down there!

And in case I haven't said this enough, you guys are seriously the best. Your comments always make my day, and I am truly thrilled that you find my writing worth reading. You make my heart super happy.



  1. That's the most gorgeous teacup ever!

  2. Aha. Questions. Hm, hm . . .

    When/how/why did you start blogging?
    How many siblings do you have?
    Favorite books?
    Favorite season?
    Favorite food?

    Hope that helps ;)

  3. -almost asks a question about brothers not being able to handle riding in the car-


  4. Oh, oh! Another question. Where did your blog background come from? Did you make it? Just so you know, I was reading your blog and my little brother came up behind me and went "Whoa! Look! That's really awesome!" Lol.


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