a million paper airplanes

So I was sorting through some stuff in the basement a few days ago, and can you guess what I came across?

Yep. Mine, Abbie and Max's ridiculously large collection of handcrafted paper airplanes- which, I might add, is the furthest thing from ordinary.

See, it was a bit of an obsession- or a 'fad' if you will. It started when I was approximately 10 or 11.

The three of us got together, made a few paper planes and threw them around the house until we were informed that this wasn't an 'indoor' activity.

We practically cried. At least, I think I almost did.

Long story short, after some hard-core begging, Mom said we could fly the planes by the staircase, where it was less likely that we would knock things over, break things, hit our family in the heads with our planes, etc, etc.

And so, for many a sweaty summer day the three of us hung out by the staircase, made dozens of planes and eventually, started racing them.

The races were always seriously intense, and at least twice, ended in tears, screams and/or conniptions. Or all of the above. 

I mean, c'mon. We were little.

But the making of the planes had to be the best part.

I was a nut about making mine aerodynamically sound, Abbie was the most creative with colors, names and decorations, and Max? Well, he just wanted his to be 'cool' or something. No big surprise for the older brother.

But honestly? We had a BLAST. The three of us usually come up with the best ideas for games...like the 'slug' thing...don't ask. That's another story.

Oh yeah. And I also found some marbles.



  1. thats so awesome, i love finding things from my childhood ^_^

    1. Thanks! YES, me too. ^^ It's so cool.

  2. This is wonderful, Dear Sailor, simply wonderful. Your words are ABSOLUTELY, bloody lovely (I'm sorry, pardon my British (I'm not even British!), it's 3:43 in the morning)! I'm serious, where did you find all those words, where are they stored? In the areas of your mind?

    And the airplanes, they are so cute, and so large in number. What smart kids you were to save them. My brothers and I threw all ours away right after we were finished (aka my mom threw them away right after we left the mess around). ;)

    So thank you, for the inspiration, I can't even tell you how lovely it is to find other bloggers who can write well (as well as just take pictures). I find I'm immediately more drawn to better writing.



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