guest-post: Lydia from For My Own Satisfaction!

So guess what? Today we have a guest-poster! (In fact, my first-ever guest poster!) Lydia from For My Own Satisfaction is here with a super cool DIY project!
So first off, I love Lydia's blog- amazing blog, amazing girl; you must go check it out here.
And if you like this DIY project (which I'm totally sure you will, especially if you're a book nerd like me and Lydia), you'll love her Etsy shoppe. She has some ridiculously creative and awesome stuff on there, I mean really. So check it out- after you read this post, of course. ;)
So without further ado, Lydia's Book Ring tutorial! ...

To make this project, you will need . . .

A small picture of a book cover (mine is a clipping from a book catalog)
One sheet of colored card-stock
White paint or a sheet of white paper
A small piece of balsa wood
One adjustable ring (you can buy them in the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby)
White glue and super-glue
Scissors for cutting, and toothpicks for spreading glue.

Step 1) Cut the piece of balsa wood into a rectangle that is roughly the same size and shape as your book picture/clipping. You can cut along the grain of the balsa with just about anything (X-acto knife, scissors, etc.) but I've found that cutting against the grain is a little more difficult. If you use a scissors it tends to crack, and the edges cave in. Don't tell anyone, but I sometimes use a steak knife instead. If you saw at it slowly and gently, the edges come out much nicer.

Step 2) There's two different options for step two. One, you can paint the edges of the balsa wood with white paint. Two, you can paste white paper over the edges. I went with option number two, because my edges were too rough for my liking. With paper on the edges, it comes out crisp and clean.

Step 3) Cut a rectangle out of the card-stock to cover the balsa wood. (Leave just a little bit hanging over the edge for some added realism.) You can measure it with a ruler and draw it out, but I usually just eyeball it. I like to cut out a rectangle that's slightly too big, and then I fold it around the balsa wood and cut off the excess.

Step 4) Glue the card-stock cover on! Nothing too difficult about this. You can use a toothpick to spread it on nice and thin.

Step 5) Use the super-glue to attach a ring to the back of your newly-made book. Be sure that it's centered before you set it down. Once it's down, it won't come up again!

Step 6) Let it dry, then enjoy wearing it!



  1. Lydia, your one artsy fartsy kid! ;) hehehe.

  2. ooh!! That is *so* cute!!! <3 <3 xD Perfect choice of book too. I love Alice in Wonderland. ^_^ <3
    Great Idea Lidja!

  3. This is so cool!!! Seriously now I need to try it. Where do you find the rings?

    Anyways, Lydia, you are too creative...


  4. Oh, I had a lot of fun guest-posting. Thanks so much, Sailor! :D

    @Rebekah: I buy mine at Hobby Lobby. Not sure what the equivalent is in Hawaii? Lol. You should be able to find them in the jewelry section at most craft stores.


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