oh, spring!

She's here so early this year!

How do I know?

Because the sun is out and the thermometer is telling me it's 108 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun (SERIOUS. It's pretty crazy. In a totally good way), Joe Raspberry Tea was in the fridge (until I drank the rest of it), the fountain is running, the birds are singing and everything is just totally CHARGED with energy.

I love it!

This is swing set weather. Poetry weather. Runs with Rocket Dog weather. Scream and run around in the finally-green grass and just Praise the Lord weather.

Tis the season for soft rainfall and bright yellow tulips!

How's your spring going?
Get outside and enjoy it!



  1. I love those pics! I would prolly be doing a similar post here but it has been raining since late last night. :-( I have been loving the warm though!!! <3

    1. Thanks, Jonnah! Ohh, hopefully it'll stop raining for you soon! That would be way cool if you did a spring post too! :D I know right?! I lovvve the weather we've been having- it's never this warm in March in VT! It's amazing. <3

  2. You're so lucky! Right now Australia is settling very ungracefully into Autumn. I just really miss the besutyvof spring. Beautiful photos by the way :-)

    1. But Autumn is Australia must be pretty amazing! I loved the pics on your blog post about it! <3 :)
      Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked them!


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