doodle day 5: something I want to change in the world

I want to set them free and end captivity.

See, over four years ago I watched a video excerpt from 'Whale Wars' a show on Animal Planet following the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's fight to end illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary.

This video I watched documented the slaughter of two Minke whales- they were literally harpooned to death.

My mind was pretty much blown. I mean, I thought whaling ended back in the 70's or something, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

It continues in the Southern Ocean every year- hundreds of whales being killed each season.

I'd always felt a connection to the ocean, but from that moment onward I felt it deeper than ever before and I've been fighting for our oceans ever since.

But it wasn't until 2010 that I learned about how horrible the captive marine mammal entertainment industry is, and once again- I was shocked and totally blown away.

Why? Well, it's pretty simple: whales and dolphins- highly intelligent creatures who swim approximately 100+ miles a day -do NOT belong in tiny, barren concrete bowls. Not to mention it's directly connected to one of the largest slaughters of marine mammals on the planet.

 This documentary opened my eyes:

And I couldn't be more serious when I say "Every single person on this planet NEEDS to see this film", why? Because it's going to affect EVERYTHING.

^Example of captivity. Tilikum is the largest Orca whale in captivity. At many times he is kept in solitary confinement. Because of his aggression, trainers are not allowed within 6 feet of him.

I could talk about nthis subject for hours, but unforutnatly I have to make this post quick.

The point is, Captive whales and dolphins don't have voices- so I'm going to speak out for them. We all need to.

For our Oceans,

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