a day in the life of an easily distracted writer

My sister knows this.

She writes across the table from me everyday, and will often glance over, suspicious eyes slightly narrowed, and ask “…are you on the internet..?”

…To which I usually must respond with a begrudged “..Yes.”

See, I sometimes get bored- never, ever, EVER when I’m writing, but when I’m editing? Different story.

Because it’s not as exciting; no vast, beautiful descriptions to concoct, no tense action scenes to scribble into existence, no character to breath life into; just…

Yup, another typo…or maybe *great gaspers* a messy sentence to rephrase! WOO!

I’ll admit it; I do enjoy editing my novel. I love reading over my beloved main character’s thoughts, dreams and ambitions.

But every so often….my mind will wander.

So, here you have it. A full writing day in photographs:

my space

coffee with almond milk. A bad habit I've gotten into.

out the window

done pile
working-on pile





 time for fresh air

 snow in sister's hair

 drink in the sky

 broken ice

 confident stride


 blurry boots

 fuzzy, distant sky as we went back inside

 okay, now I'm cheating; photos from today... mirror shot.

doodle day 4: favorite quote. My Savior's dying words, breathed into my lungs and bringing me back to life. I am so in love with Him.

Go change the world.



  1. eepness:

    the beauty of a strawberry.


    1. IKR?! They're pretty amazing. I've taken almost TOO many pics of them...ALMOST. Baha!

  2. I especially like the words part, partially the quote and after. You inspire me. <3

    1. Kate, your comment has made my day; thank you. <3 :D

  3. Dear Sailor,

    It makes me very happy to call someone Sailor, I have always desired to call someone Sailor, or Captain maybe. It seems so exciting.

    I empathize to the fullest on editing. The ugly sentences are the worst, you have to rephrase them like twenty times before finding one halfway presentable. ;) But in another way, it's rather thrilling to read your story and shape it.

    You pictures are lovely, I LOVE the beggar (and the fact you called him a beggar is even more awesome... Unless of course his real name is beggar which would strangely cool ;).

    The strawberries look so luscious.

    P.S. Your fishies at the bottom completely distracted my commenting for a couple minutes. They are strangely mesmerizing. "Haha! Eat little fishies, Eat!"

    Sorry this is so long. Ugh. ;)

    1. Dear Rebekah, thank you so much for your sweet comment! You have officially brightened my day. :)
      I rather love calling myself sailor and I'm glad you like it too.
      Exactly! Some of the sentences in my book, I swear I've re-writen them dozens of times over. It gets kind of frustrating at times. But, like you said, it is thrilling too.
      Ahh, that would be such a fun name for a dog! XD Her name's Pearl, but honestly- she is such a beggar. The best friend of whoever happens to have cereal. Strawberries are amazing. And so are the fishies. I couldn't help but keep them on the blog. ^.^
      Oh, not at all. I love long comments!
      P.s. Your blog is truly amazing.


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