SKATING IS THE BEST. + another doodle


Need I elaborate further?

We've gotten so little snow this year so the ice has been beyond perfect; we got a couple of wicked warm days, so the surface melted- then the temps plummeted at night so it froze like the smoothest glass.

Needless to say, Dad, Abbie and I skated the entire lake. <3 And I mastered my waltz jump.

It was brilliant. God is amazing. I love Him SO much. <3

Furthermore, I've, at last, doodled my second picture of the doodle challenge! My ah-mazing, incredible bestest friend in the whole universe; my sister Abbie:

It doesn't do her justice, but it has to be one of my better drawings! Haha! :)

So, what have you been up to this week? I hope you're having a lovely winter!



  1. Ok, so I am so jealous of you right now, hehe, so lucky that you get to ice skate!!! Here in MO it is never freezes enough to skate on our pond(s), but maybe someday!! :D I wish it would freeze, or get warm!!

  2. Ugh. We've had the warmest summer ever, down where I live. :p Normally February is when I get positively sick of Winter, but right now I'm still wishing for snow and freezing cold. Last year we lived next to a rice field, and we skated on it two or three times. Lol! =)

  3. All I can say is LOVE and LUCKY!! It's finally getting cold down here, and I do keep hearing that snow might be coming. *crosses fingers* I absolutely love your pics, dear! They're so pretty. <3 Obviously you're doing well (at least, I hope). ;) LOVE YOU & GOD BLESS!!

  4. <3333 That is so awesome!! I love ice skating. I have never done it outdoors though! Sometimes I wish it would freeze like that over here. ^_^ Beautiful pictures. :D <33

    Cute Doodle!! :D I still haven't gotten around to day 3. hehe. I should do that.

  5. Nonii: Ahhh, Ikr? I like it when it goes cold enough to make ice, but snow can be a hassle, baha- and I'm in VT so we usually get a loooott of it! xD

    Lidja: Same here! By Feb, I'm always ready for spring, haha! That is SO awesome that you skated on a rice field!! :D That sounds amazing!!

    Sammy: Haha, thank youuu!! I hope y'all get some snow soon! I'm doing great and I hope you are too, dear! *HUGS* Love you too & God Bless always!

    RinskiiJoy: Thank you! That's awesome that you love to skate too! I love skating indoors too...but we live on a lake so I probably do more outdoor skating than indoor, ahha. Same here! I neeeed to do day 3, baha! Thanks again! :-D



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