a seagull doesn't even care about the news

The other day I had one of those surreal, sort of dazed late-evening web designing, star bucks-drinking Port Blue-listening evenings with bright screens and light snowfall, which I was, of course, obliged to take a lot of photographs of. With Rocket Dog and Pearl. Naturally. Such powder pups.

So while I was web-designing, I discovered this rare and beautiful first version of Adam Young’s Sailboats done under his project Seagull Orchestra; definitely my favorite version and also one of my top favorites by Adam. So enjoy.

Plus an few other absolutely lovely songs to bring a permanent smile to your face.



  1. <3 Windsor Airlift...and I love that version of Sailboats. :) Pretty snow pictures!

    1. Isn't it lovely?! & Windsor Airlift is amazing too. <3
      Thank you! :)

  2. Those are awesome pics!! Love the doggies! I am a little, white, fluffy dog fan. :-D
    P.S. I love the fish at the bottom of the screen!!!

    1. Thank you!! Yessss, me too! Little white fluffy dogs are the best <3 & thank you! I love those fishies, Baha! :D


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