Owls! ...and speaking of which....

My sister and I share a room on the second floor of our family's house and because of this, we get an incredible view of the woods behind our house; which isn't too dense, but is sufficiently foresty, with towering pines, spatterings of maples and birches, soft ground covered in golden pine needles and creeping Myrtle and an enormous oak, pretty deep in, under which stands a very, very old gazebo built by no one knows whom.

In the winter, when the moon is full, or at least considerably full and casting a soft, pure white blanket of glow across the snowy scape, I sometimes see little wild rabbits hopping across the soundless sheet of downy flake; their bodies just silhouettes in the shy illumination.

Well, this year we've had a very mild winter and there is currently no snow on the ground, which is totally mind-blowing in and of itself, so I had the ecstasy of experiencing something unbelievably awesome a few nights ago because of this mildness:


And in this instance, Great Horned Owls, based on my identification of their boisterous call.

We usually hear quite a few owls during late summer and fall until the temperatures drop to freezing; Barreds and Great Horns mostly, I believe, though we do get a lot more variety than that.

In any case, based on  research and my own personal experience, Barred owls are very interactive; I've had 'conversations' with them on several occasions. One time in particular, it was about 1AM (an October night) and I heard a distant typical call coming from the South, marshy end of the lake. So I went to the window and called back to it.

It called back.
I called back.
It called back.

The oh-so-distinct and unmistakable "Who cooks for you, who cooks for youuuuu?" call:

We talked for about ten minutes, then he/she stopped calling.
And just when I thought our conversation had ended, he/she called back- and this time he/she was right behind our house! He/she had actually flown closer to the source of the calls.
So we went back and forth for about twenty minutes or so, my sister listening and sometimes joining in.

Then another Barred called to both of us from the west side of the lake and joined in.

...It was pretty dang awesome.

So, a couple of nights ago just as I was beginning to dose off into unconsciousness as the full moon was climbing the navy horizon, I was pulled back into the realm of alertness by a soft sound.

At first I thought it was just my ears ringing in aftermath of sleep deprivation or something, but then I heard it again. And again.

And again.

So I went to the window and threw it open to let the noise sweep through the screen:

A Great Horned Owl conversation.

I woke Abbie up and we just stood there and listened to them.

Then the less known interjection call that sounds something like "WAAAHHHAAHHA"

I was pretty blown away by it: Starry, moonlit night in the woods laced with the call of Great Horned Owls.
One of my favorite verses from Genesis immediately comes to mind:
"How awesome is this place!" -Chapter 28 verse 17.

I mean, seriously. Thank you, God for making these. Because I really love them. Absolute brilliance.

I've loved and been fascinated by owls ever since before I can remember. Hence my additional love for most anything owly: Owl City, Hoot (which I'm tying to get one of my besties to reread ;)), Legend of the Guardians, you name it.

AND, speaking of owls...

A couple of my of my best friends and I have this blog called Totally Geekom, a word we made up which means "n. someone who is awesomely geek-y about something awesome. something or someone that is totally unique in an awesome way.

Her purposely mis-matched outfit suggested that she was Geekom.
someone or something who swims against the current of generica.
The horrid world of boringness cries desperately for some Geekom individuals.
v. the action of being a totally awesome geek. daring to be totally and utterly different. allowing nothing to change the makeup of you.
Being Geekom is more altogether awesome than being normal."

...Yep. That's the whole idea.

We're complete nerds and we thought "Hey...we should blog about it".
So basically we use 'Totally Geekom' as our medium for ranting, raving, designing, sharing and just plain nerding out. Like we do.

And like I said, we just started it recently so we've yet to do some serious blogging; but we're getting into the bloggie groove. More post, pages, ect. coming soon. :)

So please do check it out, here.


great horned owl pic from http://scotthelfrichphotography.com/2009/12/ and I do not own that photo. All credit to owner & thanks a billion.


  1. That was pretty darn awesome...
    You have such a way with worrrrds... it makes me want to travel the world! *waves neon green purse in the air*


  2. OWLS! :D That is so awesome...every once in a while we'll hear an owl, but we live in neighborhood with very few trees, so it's rare.

    1. Oohh, cool! I'm glad you get to hear them sometimes, too! They are soo amazing!

  3. That is so kool! :D I can sometimes hear owls in our woods too. ^_^

    I'll check out ur Geekom blog. :D

    1. Ahhh, that is AWESOME! Owls are the bessstt! ^^
      & Thanks for checking out the Geekom blog! :D

  4. Wow! Great post! We don't have very many owls around our house, unfortunately. The occasional Great Horned shows up but they don't stay for long. Coyotes, on the other hand, are all over the place. They start yipping in the middle of night sometimes, which fascinates and creeps me out at the same time. Anyway, I love the way you describe things!

    1. Thank you! :-) Aww, that's a bummer that y'all don't get too many owls; but that's cool that you hear Great Horned Owls sometimes! And it's really cool about the coyotes!! -even if they *are* a bit creepy at times, baha xD We heard a few last summer and I thought it was sooo cool while my Mom and my sister thought it was reeeally creepy. xD
      Aww, thank you so much! That means a lot to me. :)


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