long time no blog *gasp* & doodle challenge

It's been too long, guys!

Busy is an understatment. Serious. Over the past few weeks my life has mainly consisted of...

I'm on chapter 8 as of today. :)

And finally, here's this awesome Doodle Challenge I came up with that I've been wanting to post!! ::

Uber excited for it! My rockin sister is going to be doing this with me and I hope you'll join too!!
I'll probably post my first doodle within the next couple of days. :)

Sorry this post feels so empty! But I just felt so bad about not blogging for soooo long! I have a lot of reading up to do on all of your wonderful blogs!

Oh, and y'all need to follow this new blog by this group I am part of to protect marine mammals, okay? I would really appreciate it. www.bluefreedomblog.org



  1. doodle challenge? YES! I accept. xD <3
    Is this the first time I have commented on your blog? I hope not. lol. O.o

    1. Yaaayyy!!! *highfivers*
      ...Hmm, can't remember. xD But thanks for commenting and I can't wait to see your doodles! :-D

  2. Totally doing this challenge! Great idea, thanks :D


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