chapter 11

Hey all!
So here I sit, ready to edit my book; as I have been doing for weeks on end thus far.

But it's been great! I just love what God has been showing me through writing and what He has inspired me to write into our book. <3


So this morning I'm procrastinating a little *gasp* and I kind of went wild with editing photos on Picnik. *head desk* So get ready for some bad quality, totally cool web cam shots from yours truly:

Last one's definitely my fave. <3 Manuscript bent into a heart.
So today I'm on chapter 11!! Eeeeeeeeee! VERY EXCITED. VERY.
I've added approximately 12,000 words to this baby already! I can hardly believe it!

...And I'm finally starting to design the cover....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

.....What can I say? I LOVE WRITING. And this is my first going-to-publish novel.

'Thrilled' doesn't even make the cut at this point...haha!



  1. dude! Thats awesome bout your book!!!!!! My brother wrote a novel by the time he was like...14, or something.. Yeh, I think he still edits it here and there, and he's written at least 2 other novels, both have pretty awesome and original content in them :D I envy real writers! ;)
    My fave it the last one tooxD

  2. Congratulations! That is so kool! :D <3 I could never accomplish something as epic as a whole book! I have a very short attention span and *always* have trouble finishing a project. The endurance of writers inspires me. ^_^ lol
    Cute pix! My fave was the last one for sure. :)

  3. Nonii: Thanks so much! <3 :) And that is awesome that your brother has written novels too! So cool! He ought to think about getting some of his work published; it sounds really interesting! :)

    RinskiiJoy: Aww, thank you. <3 Yeah, I know what you mean; haha! I have a hard time finishing other projects that I start too. xD Writing seems to be something that I can always finish, though, thankfully. Heehee. ^.^

    Thank you both! *hugs*


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