top favorite blog posts of 2011!

Hey all!
So the title kind of explains everything here, am I right?

I've been blogging for quite awhile now and I've had the pleasure of reading some pretty darn awesome blog posts from some pretty darn awesome bloggers.

So, what better time to share my top favorite blog posts than New Years day?


Here we go:

The Plastic Ocean -This, ladies and gentlemen has to be one of the most brilliantly crafted short stories my eyes have ever absorbed. My lovely sister wrote it over at her blog "Crazy Rants of an Overly Obsessed Writer". It's absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Love her blog.

I’d Rather Be Curling -I swear I enjoy reading Adam Young's writings just as much as I enjoy listening to his awesome music. I mean, I'm an ice nerd (no I don't curl. I figure skate. But ice is ice, right?) and I was laughing ridiculously hard when I read this post. And I laugh still as I reread it. Love this blog.

Whatsoever Things are Lovely -I absolutely love Philippians 4:8 and I found this blog post totally inspiring! It's posted over at "Sufficient Love" a blog by the lovely miss Rebekah and her Momma- I absolutely love their blog! Be sure to follow it!

Peace -In November I stumbled upon Kate's totally awesome blog, (which you should follow), and I found this lovely piece she wrote totally inspiring and beautiful.

Reasons Why - Absolutely LOVED this blog post by Nonii over at her blog "The Upsetter"! It's not every day that you run across big pieces of truth on the Internet, but this was indeed a refreshing exception! You need to follow her blog(s).

Truth in "To Kill a Mockingbird" - I read this post just the other day over at "A Christian Teenage Girl" and I absolutely loved it. Such truth! Definitely a must follow blog!

Human Doings? - Totally loved this post over at Jolie's blog "Purple Pebbles"! It's very inspiring and SO true. You should definitely check out her blog & follow!

...And last but certainly not least:

Storm? - Because "Hence my face" has GOT to be one of the bestest lines. EVER. xD

Happy New Year, guys!


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