Doing Something...

My family and I got our Well Share certificate today from the African Well Fund!
It's so exciting to be reminded of how we can make such a huge difference in people's lives.

As soon as I have a chance, I'll definitely be updating my "Do Something" page with more buttons for water and also with more causes!
If you've followed this blog for a while you probably know that I have a passion for protecting our precious oceans and I'll totally be sharing some info about that on the "Do Something" Page, so be sure to check back there soon.

I'll be posting some pretty exciting and totally awesome (even if I do say so myself) stuff over this week and probably next week too.

This week my rockin' sister Mel is going to guest post here! :D It's going to be a TON of fun, so look out for that post.

And BY THE WAY. Did you know that the Quadrantid meteor shower is tonight?!?! Going to bed super early tonight so I can rise with the predawn to go meteor watching! "Some observers consider it among the year’s best, often producing more than 100 meteors per hour. But it’s a brief shower, rarely lasting more than a few hours. The meteors emanate from near the North Star and should peak tonight at around 7:20 Universal Time (2:20 am EST) on Wednesday, January 4th. Activity occurs on either side of the peak, so be sure to look several times." AND you can find way more info >here<.

Talk soon,

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