books on my nightstand

My Daddy always says that you can tell a lot about a person by what books are on their nightstand...
That being said, I think this speaks volumes about me:

From the top:

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - I've been meaning to read this book for quite some time, so I have finally started reading it, and I absolutely love it! Verne's writing is rather ingenious. I'll probably be reviewing it in a post once I've finished the book, because I'm barely scratching the surface of it's utter coolness here.

Harmony of the Gospels - Only very recently did I rediscover just how much I absolutely LOVE this edition! The title basically says it all; it's the four gospels smooshed into one. It's amazing. And I love to see the differences in each gospel; the contrast of writings and the differences in each.

The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King Jr. - I've never really seriously read an autobiography before, but now I am- and I'm loving it! My awesome parents gave it to me for Christmas, seeing as I've always been very interested in the civil rights movement (now more than ever). Excellent read thus far. King was truly gifted with words.

Orca: The Whale Called Killer - This is a book that I bought for myself sometime in early summer. I had been on the hunt for a thorough and meticulous book regarding the natural history of Orca whales, and I stumbled upon this one almost immediately. And I must say, Hoyt did quite the stunning job of chronicling the life, behaviors, culture and natural history of orcas- both wild and captive. I've barley breached chapter three thus far, as it is an incredibly dense book (with ridiculously tiny font and hardly any paragraphs) but I've already learned a lot! Definitely going to post more about this later...

Harpoon: Into the Heart of Whaling - Another book that is taking me some little time to consume. But I've been deeply involved in activism for the preservation of the great whales since 2008, and I find the history of whaling industry both horribly fascinating and also crucial to bringing about it's final demise, which, I hope and pray is not far away. Furthermore, it has incredible and seldom seen records of wild populations of great whales dating back to the 1500's.

This particular excerpt is taken from a smaller book about MLK Jr., but I found this quote and I really wanted to share it with you guys- it's definitely one of my favorites:

...Isn't that so awesome?!

SO, what have you been reading lately? Do share!



  1. Cool! I might have to add 20,000 Leagues and the MLK autobiography to my booklist. =) Right now I am reading Kisses from Katie, which is about a missionary in Uganda. I'm also reading a random YA book called The Contender. After that, I'll probably start a Dickens for school.

    1. whoa... seriously?! I'm reading Kisses from Katie, too! Isn't it awesome? Oh reading... i love it! I could go on and on about the books i love. Oh, and sorry guys, i like, don't even know you... haha
      I'm kinda random too, so, don't think i'm some creep out of no where... haha.
      BTW i really like your blog, Sailor. saving whales is awesome.
      I found you on Nonii's Corner and just had to check your blog out. Thanks! =)

  2. Lidja: Oooh, those sound like really cool reads! & I love Dickens! Do you have a favorite by him?

    Emily: Haha, that’s oki, I love randomness! Great to meetcha! I just followed your blog, which is super duper cool! Oh, I know right? Reading is the best <3 Yesss! It’s totally is awesome, I LOVE whales so much. :-) & Nonii’s blog is awesome! :-) Thanks for checking my blog out!

  3. Heyy, dude. I love this post. Bril.
    Oh, and this is kinda off-topic, but is there a reason why you chose white for the font in your ad picture thingie for "the flock"? I can hardly read it. HA. HA.
    love you.

  4. I love that list of books! I know I am sorta spamming you and your sisters blogs... But I have been catching up on you guys and I just love your posts and have to comment!
    Right now I am reading a Mini autobiography on Hudson Taylor, and have been trying to find a good Agatha Chrsti book to read but the library has only had one or two with "miss marple" and I don't like her so I am waiting for a Poriot book to show up. I am also working my way through tha book of Chronicals and taking notes on it so I can write a sort of review on it for mom when I am done. I am also about half way through R. M. BalLantyne's "Coral Island" it is one of my favorit books ever!!! If you have never read it you totally should! It also has a sequel called "Gorilla Hunter" that is almost as good! I will quiet writting a nook on you blog now... <3

    1. Thank you! Bahaha, not at all; I love getting lots of comments! Ooohh, Coral Island sounds really good! I'll have to look it up...


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