Amazing Grace

Okay, so, I never really talk about films on this blog, but today I totally want to share one of my favorites with you guys.

  Amazing Grace.

My family and I watched this on New Years Eve, and though I've seen the film many times, it never ceases to inspire and encourage me as I continue to fight for freedom and justice on this beautiful planet.

The film is essentially a spectacular presentation of the fight for the abolition of the slave trade in 18th century England, following the activism of William Wilberforce, who fought for the freedom of slaves and for the passing of the bill to abolish the slave trade in England.

It also introduces quite a few other abolitionists of the time (William Pitt, Olaudah Equiano, Thomas Clarkson, Barbara Spooner, Hannah More,  James Stephen, ect.) as well as supporters who helped in bringing the slave trade to an end.

One of the many tings I love about this film, is the courage of those activists portrayed, who stood against slavery in a time where even questioning the idea was practically unthinkable. Who stood for truth when truth was scarcely found.
The film paints an accurate picture of the corruption within governments and of the hardships those who dared to speak out against it's system endured.
Not to mention it's FULL of great quotes, which my sister and I absolutely love.

Amazing Grace, as you may have already guessed also incorporates the history and meaning behind the song Amazing Grace, as John Newton, the writer of the song, is a prominent character in the film.


I especially love how the film elaborates on how this movement, and also Wilberforce's decision to become involved is so obviously based around God's love and truth; portraying how God works through seemingly ordinary people to change the world.

Needless to say, I highly recommend watching this beautiful, inspiring film.  

"...we're too young to realize certain things are impossible. So we will do them anyway." -William Pitt

Definitely worth seeing.


  1. I love that movie!!! Great post! <3

    1. Me too!! In fact, my fam and I just watched it again last night! :D Thank you!


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