This is just to say...

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day.

Today the sky was blue.
Today the sun came out.
Today the clouds were puffy and white and pretty.
Today was beautiful…

Ahhhhhh, needless to say I’m beyond thrilled. I don’t have much info about it as of now, but It’s the sequel to my first novel that I shall soon be getting published.

I’ll letcha all know when that happens.

Published…. Ahhhhhh!! *dreamy*

What can I say? I'm a nerdy writer.



  1. AHHHHH!!!! Congrats, Katie Girl! Finishing a novel is such an amazing accomplishment, and I know it's gotta be amazing! And you're getting the first one PUBLISHED?? *faints from amazing-ness* ;D That's incrediable, girl! You should be so proud of yourself! Congrats again and I can't wait to read it! ;)

    Sammy Girl

  2. OMIGOSH!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SOOOO KOOL!!! I'm not the novely writer, but I really admire those(your) kind!!! Dude I wanna read it!! Who is publishing you book? that is *so* neat.
    God Bless<3

  3. Sammy Girl: Ahhhh, thank you soo muchh!! *HUGS* That means so much to me. And thank YOU for being an amazing friend to me and for your support while I was writing it! *hugzzz* Love you! :)

    Nonii: Thanks so much!! I'm glad you'd like to read it! I'm not sure where I'm getting it published yet...still in the early stages of the "publishing process" haha, so I have to figure that all out still, but believe me- I'll be blogging about it. xD Thanks again! :-D

  4. anyone can write a novel and have it published, it's call lulu.....


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