bichons & birthday cake

Just some photos. :)

Blow drying Rocket Dog! 

My sister snapped this shot while he was in mid shake. Now that, boys and girls, takes talent. 

Da face. Aww. <3 

 Combing the tail... (he loathes this part.)


I love this one. 

 Trimming the ears.

And Voila! How cute is he?! 

Shake! (...he likes the other shake waaaay better, I think. ;)) 

And again. <3

Now for the cake part........YUM.

Have a beyond Blessed week, guys!


  1. Puppies + cake ='s followed. :-)

  2. That is prolly one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen!!!! <3

  3. Thank you!! He is such a sweetie. <3


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