blue-eyed kitties and frozen banana pops

So a few nights ago Rocket was going ballistic over something outside, waking everyone in the house with his infernal barking and howling.
I had a hunch- and my hunches are never wrong...usually -that there was probably a cat wondering around the property. (Rocket goes crazy for cats, by the way)
Lo and behold the next morning, I walk into the kitchen, look out the window and who do I see making her way delicately through the woodsy area behind the house?
Yep. Cola. That's what my sister said she ought to be called if she were ours. Which she's not. I'm nearly positive that she belongs to someone nearby, for as soon as I called her over she came running up to me, begging for attention and hugs. Not to mention she was well-groomed and definitely not starved. In fact, she tried her best to dart into the house as soon as I opened the door! Haha!
Deal was, she was stuck inside our fenced-in yard with no clue of how to get over the fence. She was fairly tiny!

So after my sister and I hung out with Cola for a little while, I lifted her over the fence, and I do believe after some little “Mrrrroowww”-ing, she found her way home safe and soundly, for we haven’t seen her roaming around since.
In any case, she was an absolute angel to drop by and say hello! A dear blessing that made my morning!

Another cool thing happened a few mornings ago that I shall share with you guys,
I made Frozen Banana Pops! -Chocolate-covered, mind. ;)
It's way too simple. Here's how to make em:

(1) Grab a couple of bananas. (Or how ever many you'd like. So you can share them with *sickysweet* FRIENDS!!!! ...Or eat them all yourself.)

(2) Peeeeeeeel! And stick a couple of Popsicle sticks (if available) in at the ends. And pour yourself half a bowl of chocolate chippies. ;)

(3) Melt the chocolate chips until they become a yummy, spreadable goo!

(4) Spread.

(5) Add nuts if you please. (IF YOU'RE NUTTY!! ...*cough* yeah. Gotta love lame jokes. But if you laughed at that? I love you.) I used Walnuts. I never used to like them, but lately? I really like them.

(6) Sprinkle the nuts on! (Or you could always use jimmy sprinkles, too! ....Didn't think of that until just now.)

(7) Pop em in the freezer box for at least a few hours. When they're done you've got:

This yummy bowl of frozen food to put in your mouth. Frozen bananas are better then ice cream. Knight's Honor.
I took this pic before I froze them, but they look the same either way. ;)
Try it!


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