Slowly I Turn...

Talk about living on the edge.
I'm not gonna lie; I've secretly plotted out a few ways to go over the falls, in my head. No, none of my ideas include barrels. Not that I would actually try anything like that. Yeah. What do you expect from a totally Geekom kid like myself?
Dear Canada, why do you have such totally radical looking buildings?! I mean COME ON. Shout out to all my sweet Canada buds! *hangingten*

In any event, I can totally see surviving if you were to go over the falls in, say, a giant bubble. Made out of plastic or some such material. Filled with air. And it would have to be several layers thick so when it hit the rocks at the bottom... Yeah. I think you're getting the picture. (Reader: *to self* Gosh, this kid is a total nut.)
No worries. Really. As if I would ever actually attempt such a thing.

So when you get on the walkway to the falls, you find yourself strolling nonchalantly along a damp cement walkway along the raging Niagara river; which, mind you, is intimidatingly close. And when I say close, I mean no-guardrail-2-feet-away-jump-right-in kinda close. 
My Daddy, who is a bit of a daring sort, stood right on the very edge, like some kind of explorer of the new world. 
Momma scolded him for this.
I smiled. Inwardly amused in some way I guess.

As we continued on, we saw this:

 Are they not beautiful?!
There are Gulls everywhere in Niagara. I really do love them. I always have. I know some folks don't, and I really think it's rooted out of a concealed jealousy; for does not everybody long to kiss the deep azure of the atmosphere as they do?

They're true sailors. Of the air that is.

And the amazing thing is,
when you're staring down into the pit-like drop from the falls, into the foaming dark teal basin swirling below, you are actually looking down on Seagulls. Serious. There are hundreds of them, sailing around in the mist at the bottom of the falls, like tiny pale dots on a rigid matialic backdrop.

It's rather breath taking.

So Daddy and I had this long, funny conversation about how to escape the deadly current of the Niagara river if you found yourself in such an unfortunate situation. Escape is possible, you know. If you can swim. Really. Really well. And if you've got some muscle. 
Then comes the, as black hole space enthusiasts like myself might phrase it, *in Darth Vader Voice* 'The Point of No Return....' 

 ...If you find yourself *cough* beyond this 'point', you may need something like this:

Okay, honestly. I'll stop freaking y'all out with my borderline dare devilish rant. 

I was utterly amazed by the blueness of the water. Contrasted this one a bit to really expose the shape. So glass-like.  

And this darling has to be one of the sweetest shots I've ever captured. God is so awesome. So Powerful. Love Him. Love it. Whoot!

So while we were there we saw a couple get married by the falls.
My Dad assured me this is considered 'romatic'.
I also saw a camera case that had been lost over the guardrail. My Dad suggested that it most likely belonged to a unsuspecting child whose Mom had forbade the retrievement of the item.
If this is the case...I can't say that I blame her. Can you?

Okay, okay. So there was a guardrail is some places. 'some' is a keyword. You wish I wasn't serious, dude.

Us. O>O Hoot Hoot!

Last minute shot! I was fascinated by this one. Glad I took it.

Long story short, readers, Niagara Falls is totally amazing and you really ought to visit it for yourself.
Maybe you already have. Feel free to share.

Love you guys,

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