It is only when we realize that we know nothing can we begin to know everything.

The lunar surface actually does have a power-like consistency,
just as I imagined and wrote it.
I love this universe.
We live here.
For countries do not really exist.
Nor do nationalities or labels.
We are one.
If only we all knew this;
Knew how we are all one in Christ who as embraced the world and everyone, absolutely everyone, in it.
There would be no wars,
No sickness,
No disease,
And no death.
For those things occur for lack of knowledge,
We've lost sight of who we truly are.
But it doesn't have to be that way.
Because Jesus saved us..
And now we're in Him.
Who are we to educate others on how the Earth works; why it turns and from whence we came,
when we, ourselves know not the answer.
It is only when we realize that we know nothing can we begin to know everything.
For the 'cold' reality we've long avoided and despised is not reality at all; but a horrid fairytale from a long-dead realm
The real reality is Jesus Christ.
We're relearning it aren't we?

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