How on earth will we know how to help a whale in an oil spill?!

So I mad the necessary mistake of asking a question on Yahoo answers about humane alternatives to SeaWorld.
If you've read this blog for a while you will know that keeping cetaceans in captivity is downright cruel and pretty pointless on top of that.
And of course, I got one good answer mixed in with about five totally stupid/jerkish answers;
One in particular made my blood pressure rise ever so slightly and upon thinking about it just now, I had a sudden, quite unstoppable urge to rant about it:

"Sure let's not keep large mammals in captivity. Let's stop studying them, then when disasters happen like oil spills or natural disasters, we will just let them die since we have no idea how to help them"

Listen to my response (It's not long and boring, I promise):

*Note: I do not own copy rights to any of the photos used in my podcast. I do not claim to have taken them. All credit goes to the people who did. ;)

So there you have it.
Have questions? Leave me a comment down there.
-Kate The Sailor (and Ocean protector)

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