Blue Abode

For as long as I can remember I’ve lived by the water; on a lake in fact, tucked secretively into the deep, mossy mountains somewhere below where the Big Dipper sings after dusk and where the twilight sweeps over the sky-scape like seamless satin.

It’s hard to breath in a place that is perpetually taking your breath away; I know this from experience.

I’m not sure where the land ends and where the water connects to the troposphere, but perhaps it’s not for us to know. In any event it’s beautiful.

There’s no feeling quite like setting sail; letting the breeze kiss your face as the waves caress your fingertips and the air is humming with flying machines.

It’s a sunny afternoon.

And the stars are out there even though you can’t see them. Smile at Orion.

He smiles back.

To the same God who puts air into my and lungs makes all this; I love you.

Bald Eagle; out of the blue



Boat House; Red

Breath in Blue

The Sailor

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