Wrong Number


"Hi...is Sam there?"

"You have the wrong number."

".......Well who is this?"


"Oh. Well, Hi Philis. I was trying to call my friend Sam because we're going skating. Do you skate Philis?"


"Aw, you ought to sometime; it's great fun. Anyway, what do you do?"

"...I work at Sears."

"Aw, really?! That's awesome! Do you try out the beds and massage chairs before the store opens, Philis?"

"...Look kid, I don't have time for this-"

"So you do? There's nothin' wrong with that, Philis. I would too if I were cool enough to work at Sears."

"...Oh. Well. It's not as cool as it sounds."

"No need to be bashful. Sears is an amazing place. My Mom bought the pillows for our living room couch there, you know."

"*sigh* That so?"

"Mmm-hmm. Oh and you know what else? I'm so glad I remembered. I've got an Aunt named Philis, Philis, and guess what?"


"She works at subway!"




  1. Hahaha that was hilarious,
    hey btw My mom found a vid and it made me think of ya! Thought ya might want it. .

    It's a whale vid :)

  2. Fofl! Glad you liked it Tyz! :D
    Oooh, that is AWESOME! Thanks for posting that for me! I LOVE anything with whales and dolphins. <3 And anything ocean-y of course.
    I LOVE that video! :D


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