Love has a Name

...We really do not understand love. We don't quite get it. We haven't seriously grasped it. Haven't gotten our heads around it.

A friend of mine recently posted a tweet on Twitter, which said "Despite American culture, true love is not a diamond ring -- it's a wooden cross"

...I've thought about that a lot since I first read it a few weeks ago, and have always, for as long as I can remember, deeply pondered the power of Christ's love for us; because that's really the entire reason I'm here right now: Love.

Pure, sweet, unabridged love.

Love that was crushed so I could be made whole.

Love that became submersed in darkness so that I may live in light.

Love that that I may have everlasting life.

Love isn't an adjective; it's a noun.

Love is a person;





Jesus is love.

Love has power, and that power was poured out on the cross because the cross is, in essence, a love story.

Jesus was in love.

Jesus is in love.

Jesus always will be in love,

Because Jesus is in love...with us.

Because Jesus is love; and that's what he made us. Because he took us into himself and we became totally one with Him.

In fact, it's the only commandment Jesus gave us; "Love one another, as I have loved you."

...Love is also a verb.

Love didn't end on the cross;

Love began on the cross!

Love is a verb;

Jesus tells us to "Love one another"

Take action,

Do it,

Live it,

Dwell in it,

Become it.

Fall in love,

and let love fall in you.

Love isn't something we can humanly understand, but it is something we become; something that grows in us and essentially overtakes us.

So as we submerse ourselves in Jesus' Message, not only is God's true nature is being revealed to us, but we are also beginning to discover who we truly are.

Because that's our love story.


  1. Very wonderful. Very True.
    Love is very lost nowadays among most people I find. It always saddens me to watch people have no love, even on little things when it only take 5 seconds to show it.
    Very good post! Very much agree!

  2. Thank you, Tyz! I totally agree with you; showing love in our lives is such a simple yet beautiful thing. Thanks again!

  3. I love this.
    Thanks so much for sharing, Cos Your words are just beautiful.


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