People usually give me this weird look, complete with over-exaggeratedly raise eyebrows, when I tell them I'm going skating. IN THE SUMMER.

Truth is, it totally rocks.

It's like spending the afternoon in a refrigerator, only way more ways than one.
Strangely, the rink seems slightly warmer in the summer than in the winter; most likely because in the frigidness of winter, they simply pump the frozen air into the ice rink instead of making their own copyrighted cold air. Haha. So lately, it's been really awesome because I don't even need a jacket or sweater for skating! It's so warm in there when you're moving around!

Well, not exactly warm, but, I think you get my point, am I right?
After you get used to the numbness, everything is cool. Hahaha!

Anyway, one might ask, what are the best and worst things about summer skating:

*Darth Vader voice* Let's start with the worst (Bwahahahaa!):
Two words: CAMP FREEZE.

Camp Freeze is a large collection of toddler Hockey skaters, who occupied the rink during a few sessions of the public FreeSkate. DURING.

To realize just how bad that actually is, you must imagine an Olympic-size rink, already filled with skaters hobbling around on the ice, with the exception of myself, my sister, my friend Sam and this girl who can't be much older than 9 and already skates like an Olympian. O.0 Serious.
Now you must imagine HALF (yes, an entire HALF) of the rink, closed off for something called "Camp Freeze".
I'd seen over dramatized posters all over the facility for this event, but I'd never really wondered what it was exactly. So I found out the hard way...
A fleet of kids, ages 3-8 crowded the left side of the rink, screaming, falling, laughing crying and smacking hockey pucks into the public skating half. With only TWO ADULTS supervising the whole ordeal. I am NOT kidding.

One came serious close to bashing into my blades but thankfully I've pretty much mastered a hockey stop. (They're harder than they look. And yes, figure skaters use em' too. ;))
Me, my Sister and my Friend just sort of exchanged eye rolls about it and grinned and bore it. Thankfully we got 20 more ice minutes after the public skate was over. Because you never leave the ice until someone yells "HEY, GET OFF THE ICE!" xD

So the worst part of summer skating is the hockey camps like 'Camp Freeze', ect. But I'd have to say the worst part of rink skating overall, anytime of year, is the hockey skaters.

Some people think figure skaters are kind of "snobby"; which they can be, but most aren't, but I really must say, I've seen way more snobby hockey skaters! serious.
Many of them have this attitude towards figure skaters, like "That's not REAL skating" and "This is OUR rink" type of deal. Which could be out of jealously, because figure skaters can beat hockey skaters ANY DAY when it comes to speed. I'm serious; I once had a substitute instructor in basic 4 who told me she raced a hockey skater to the end of the rink and back and she was on her way back to the start before he even reached the other end.
Because hockey skaters skate with their feet waaaay too far apart most of the time; thus slowing them down. Whereas in figure, you're taught to always keep your feet close together, which causes you to to be able to go fast and maintain a swift speed.

Now, I totally should make clear, the fact that not ALL hockey skaters are like this, many can be really cool, but then many can be really...urg.

Okay, this post is starting to sound a little negative so lets move on to what the BEST PART IS!

...That would be pretty much everything about it! xD It's amazing, and cold and frosty.
Most people think of figure skating as a sport, but I strongly object, Figure skating is an art.
And not in a dainty-ballerina way either. It's quite the opposite, in fact. If I were to go all hard-core-skater on you guys I'd jump up, stand on this swivel chair and scream at the top of my lungs "SKATING IS WAR!" ....But I think you already get my point... But it is a beautiful, graceful, art. Though it's not for the faint of heart.
It takes talent, hard work, lots and LOTS of exercise and practice and a whole lot of dedication and effort.

But, it's totally worth it!
...And, honestly, I didn't believe that at first, but thanks to my awesome parents (love you both!) telling me to stick with it, I discovered something I truly enjoy.

And it's so interesting, because when you're out on the rink, the atmosphere is so quiet; no body really talks to each other, thus making it feel sort of cold (literally) and unfriendly, but yet, when you strike up a conversation with another skater, you see things in a whole different light; it's like lively conversation is just waiting for the right moment to burst forth.

It's rather beautiful.

So, this turned out to be more of a ramble than I expected, but oh well. Haha! I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoyed reading it too! Feel free to comment and post on the chatbox which is somewhere down this page. :)

Peace, love, ice.

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