An Adirondack Postcard

I recently returned home for a trip to the Adirondacks in NY, and I really must say, describing it as “cool” is a massive understatement!
I don’t recall ever visiting a place where such a creative variety of cultures collide, painting out this really splendidly energetic, yet peacefully homey work of art.

Driving in to the area, you’ll begin to notice a change in the forest layout; (I suppose this could depend upon where you’re coming from, but this is exactly how I saw it) farmland and rolling hills start to thin out, becoming more and more scarce, and expansive pine forests begin breaking out everywhere; lush hues of deep, earth green, fading into shades of vibrant, fresh greens bathed in full sun.

It really took my breath away simply to watch the leaves filter the bright, warm rays into light colors of green, cascading them the rest of the way down to the forest floor, which sleeps under at least three inches of, thick, soft, golden pine needles; most of which are survivors of the previous winter.

The atmosphere is absolutely incredible; there are no words in the dictionary to justly provide a description.

Magical will have to suffice.

I’ve dwelt here on holidays on many occasions, but this trip, however, was slightly different.
Last year, while kayaking a secluded waterway deep in the heart of the Adirondacks with my family, I made up my mind to start a blog and begin recording my explorations and discoveries; and the rest, I do believe, is history. Am I right?

On top of that, this was my first vacation with Monti (Formally: Montigue), my darling of photography. My sweet birthday camera of which my wonderful parents gave me. (Love you!)

So, I was determined to get some shots that would justly capture the beauty of the deep, fragrant forestscape. I was pretty successful in doing so, I daresay.

I was totally thrilled to have captured most of my favorite forest shots on our first full day in the ADKS.
My Mom found an intriguing article in an area guide, which spurred an exciting visit to the Paul Smith’s VIC, which was not a great distance from our campsite.

This was a total dream for me; I’d always wanted to do some hiking in the ADKS, and the VIC was the perfect place to start:

We took one of the milder trails first, looping through the thick woods and across a wide mash area.
It was absolutely pristine; there were Dragonflies EVERYWHERE!

Pearl, our sweet, intelligent little Maltese, who’s still just an infant, was beginning to make quite a fuss; so, quite naturally, she was taken back to the car, which was waiting patiently in a parking lot, already filled with cars (some containing dogs, which displeased Pearl. Haha!.)

So, my Dad and I decided to take the Boreal trail, which I’d reeeeaally wanted to check out ever since the trail guide mentioned that “Carnivorous plants are everywhere!” …I wasn’t about to miss this.

It was a much longer, more hilly trail, stretching 1.4 miles into deep woods and lacing across a large swamp, which simply teams with plant life.

My Dad and I jogged the majority of the trail, stopping frequently to snap photos.

 If you find yourself in the area, visit the VIC. Serious.

A day or so later, we headed into Lake Placid; this is where things start to get really cool.

Something happened in Lake Placid in both 1932 and in 1980. Guess?

Right on!
The O-L-Y-M-P-I-C-S!

So, Mel and I were kinda hoping to fit some cube-carving into our vacation schedule, but it was not to be; the rink was not open for public free-skate until mid-July.
But that was not, in any way, a big deal. Not even a small deal, since we skate all the time.

Simply hanging out at the Olympic center is just…cool. Very, very cool. Literally.

Usually, you’ll enter the 80’ rink first which has a pretty interesting and totally groovy history: It’s home to the *cue opera* “Miracle on Ice”!
You know. When the ‘underdog’ so to speak, American Men’s Hockey team beat the ‘heavily favored’ Soviet team in 1980. Miracle on Ice. It’s everywhere in Lake Placid.

Then you’ve got the 32’ rink which is a tad smaller, and obviously older, but I would love to skate there because the lighting is very good. Better than the 80’ rink in fact, because the stadium is so small.
I saw a girl skating there, she couldn’t have been much older than ten and she could skate phenomenally. Serious.

Then there’s ‘The Oval’. It’s totally dreamy.

In the winter, it’s flooded and open for public free skate. I think I know where I’ll be this winter.

The uniqueness of the area is stunning; Especially when the massive, looming ski-jumps fly into view on the ride in.

It’s a really rich taste of vintage America, both the Olympic history and the early Adirondack history, which lingers still amongst some of the old cabins, motels and camps, running along Saranac, Tupper and Placid.

Adirondack Autoist: 1909

And, best of all, a sweet, untouched burst of planet Earth.
The eerie loon calls, slicing the atmosphere after dusk, as they belt out sweet love songs from one end of the lake to the other.

I was very blessed to have encountered on of these magnificent individuals on a kayak trip, as it popped out of the water only about three feet from our vessel. It was mostly just a flash of black and white, but a clear red eye caught mine and that was simply priceless.

The kayak trip itself was priceless, in fact. Deep in the cool, back waterways close to Saranac, a pristine image of life is just bursting around you:
Dragonflies hover over head, the sunlight reflecting of their shiny, almost metallic bodies, while tiny water bugs skim the waters skin, skirting around the water lilies and aquatic plant seed heads.
The air just, literally hums; the full sun kissing the moss-covered shoreline and adding a unique splash of beauty to this work of art we call life.

Get out there.
-Kate The Sailor

All pictures are ©'d, accept for the hockey pic and the B&W Car. ;)

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