Goodness, how many times have I heard it? Too many to count: "Eco-Terrorist"

Whale Wars season 4 premiered last night, so I hope you all were watching because this season is history. Seriously.
For decades, Japanese whalers have traveled to the Southern Ocean Whale sanctuary to harpoon these beautiful, massive, intelligent, gentle, living, breathing, God-designed beings, slaughtering them by the hundreds and pushing many species of whales to the brink of extinction.

But not this year.

Japan got little to 0% of their annual killing quota, thanks to the Lord's Divine power, prayer, and the incredible and relentless support from The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who were present in Antarctica throughout this season.

I've watched Whale Wars for a long time.
I've seen whales being literally shot out of the water; the ocean water around them turned crimson with their innocent blood.

But this year, I'm astronomically excited and thrilled to announce, will be totally different: OPERATION NO COMPROMISE.

So, if being and "Eco-Terrorist" means, peacefully standing up for what you believe in for another species, on the very brink of extinction, creatures so beautiful they take your breath away, then, yep. I'm and Eco-terrorist to the fullest.

I mean, hey. We've all got the same Dad.

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