Freezy pops in the freezer,
Annoying jet skis screaming across the lakefront,
Open windows,
Humid air,
Deep breaths and long, content sighs,
joyous screams and unsuspected tidal waves aftermathing cannon balls.

Summer's here!

Man, I'm gonna have a BLAST blogging this summer! And you can expect frequent, fun, varying posts from yours truly.

Over the next few weeks, expect some frigidly sporty posts, cause I'm going to be blogging from the cube.

The ice is coming back June 20th!

I'll be skating at the home rink through July, but within the next few days I'll be hitting the Lake Placid Ice at the Olympic Center! Which I am very excited about.

(Heart skips beat)
And speaking of Olympics, the official, one and only London 2012 Olympic torch first-photos were released recently:

Pretty cool. It reminds me of honey.


I will be taking lots of pictures and writing lots in Lake Placid, so check in later to read all about that. Mel and I are pretty crazy skaters so, believe you me, it will be anything but boring!
Plus We'll be visiting a few other groovy cubes in our area.

So, comment with skating questions, and if your a ice geek like me and Mel, Give me a shout!

God Bless and may your summer rock like a rock band!

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