Ocean Skin

It seems so surreal that salt can exist in air.
Ocean skin.
I love it.
The way it feels in my hair and in between my fingers.
Like notebook paper.
Transparent rain is on my face.
Speckled jeans.
I love you.
Drippy ink.
Lost letters.
Numbers are falling into the river; getting washed downstream.
Why is the sun so far away?
The moon is rolling around and the stars are quivering.
Happy sun fuzzies in my mouth.
Flowers with teal thread holding them together.
My sneakers are wet and I can't find the bus.
I am lost.
I am happy.
I am happy lost.
Sleeping dog under tree; on minty moss. Hello.
The book of Revelation is stuck in my heart.
Little floating candles look like fairies.
The way a raindrop looks when it hits the puddle's skin; rings. rings. rings.
It's eternal.
It's forever.
I am forever.
I am eternal.
My heart is bursting into little pieces of the sun; like the way the middle of a sun flower feels under my fingertips.
Why is the textbook broken?
The shattered glass is reversed.
The end is gone.
It already happened.
I turn around.
The way the whale's skin feels.
I am sleeping on the humpback's eyelid as he tours the ocean floor.
Glowing things.
No one knows who you are.
No one knows who I am.
This is the Earth, not the world.
The world does not exist.
Reality is pretend.
Sea grass for the SeaHorsey; his abode in the lunchroom.
Silk tears taste strongly of cotton candy coral reefs.
I am here.
I am now.
The unknown is all there is; and it's beautiful.
I am whole because living bread encompasses me.
I breath it in deep.
I am so full.
I love you Father.

©www.peaceforwhales.blogspot.com 2011

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