-: Jumping Grapefruit!

I'm the type that strolls around a grocery store, sees about a dozen different foods I'd like (most, of which, are unique fruits and veggies), buy them, then totally forget about them.

Well, the other day, this little fault came back to haunt me.

As I was walking along, minding my own business and searching for a broom, the most unexpected course of events took place:

My small, unsuspecting hand, reached out and closed around the golden knob to the closet.
The door slowly creeeeeeked open and-
-Out jumped the biggest, yellowest, roundest, awesomest, sweetest Ruby-Red Grapefruit I've ever laid eyes on!

I let out a shrill, involuntary scream, then, quickly overcoming the whole shock of the ordeal, let out a somewhat agitated sigh.
Scooping up the yellow ball, which resembled an over inflated baseball painted neon yellow...(yes, I do realize that baseballs are not inflated to begin with, but please, for a moment, pretend that they are, indeed inflatable. M'kay?) ...and carried it to the counter, where I made it feel at home with the other veggies, waiting to be eaten.
A day or so later, which, in short, turned out to be yesterday, I had the pleasure of wandering into the kitchen in search of something I could quickly eat and then return to writing my book...then my wide, excited, brown eyes fell upon it;



Now, most health-fooders and infomercial-ers would now go on to list all the lovely vitamins and minerals and other some such nonsense, that grapefruit carries...but ya know what?

Let's be totally honest...*deep breath* ; The #1 reason why we eat certain foods is because well...we enjoy eating them.

How can I prove this theory?

Some of us like munching on over-sized rainbow swirly lollipops (with a surprise inside!), Greasy BBQ potato chips (With the ever yummy 'red #40' and 'blue #1 & #2'), and perhaps even deep fried Twinkies.

So, basically we eat certain things because it's fun.

And, thankfully, healthy foods just got funner.

I mean, come on! What could possibly be cooler that a JUMPING GRAPEFRUIT?!

Yeah, it was SO YUMMY!



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