“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

Here I sit, typing away quietly at my whitewashed desk, hands poised over keyboard in such eagerness.
You've read the title of this post, I assume, and, if you have not, pray, scroll to the top of this post...go on.
See it?

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

That. Is. One. Powerful. Sentence.

What would YOU do?

Seriously. Don't be afraid to think BIG on this one, okay? It's a really big question that deserves a really BIG answer.

What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail...?

A crazy, or more like overwhelming feeling washes over me like a tidal wave, as I edge myself forward slightly to the very edge of the damp, pine dock, sucking the fresh scent of saltwater deep into my lungs.
I hug myself, my bare toes nearly touching the water's skin as my legs swing freely over the edge.
Shivering in the chilly, spring, Icelandic air, I glance at my neon teal watch. 5:00AM.
Filling my ears is the faint pattering of excited, fellow volunteer feet on another dock a few yards away, doing one last check over...Another, greater sound covers the excitement:
The deep whooshing sound as the Orca whale, still confined in his Sea-pen comes up for a fresh supply of air.
A 4-foot-tall puff of mist springs from Tilikum's blowhole, making a smile creep onto my face.
*Click clicccck*
"Good morning, buddy." I turn to face the whale. "You sleep good?"
The Orca sinks under water, popping up again a few minutes later in front of me.
"I know." the whale opens his mouth and I reach down to stroke his soft, pink tongue. "You're ready to go home, aren't you, boy?"
The whale takes another breath, his blowhole quivering with what seems like incurable anticpantion and sheer excitement.
Taking my hand out of Tilikum's mouth, I place my damp, palm on the tip of his nose, looking deep into the whale's small, deep, eye.
"You're going home..."
Those words feel so good, rolling across my lips, out into the crisp air, beginning to glow with sunlight.
Tilikum purrs, in his whalish joy.
"We're ready when you are." The volunteer Marine Biologist calls from not too far away.
I give her a thumbs up.
A moment later, a great, grinding sound splits the quiet air around us.
The sun rises higher.
The gates open.
Seagulls sing overhead.
I smile.
Tilikum, not realizing that the open ocean lies unrestrained before him, continues swimming around his pen, popping up for air every so often.
"Tilly!" I finally shout, standing up, practically bursting with energy and excitement.
The whale pauses, lifting his great head, as if asking what on earth I'm screaming about.
"Tilly!" I repeat, gesturing wildly towards the ocean. "YOU'RE FREE!"
My body tingles with excitement as that sentence emerges from within my soul.
'You're Free, Tilly.'
With a great breath of air and one last glance at me, He submerges.
I see his shadow, moving swiftly underwater.
Passing the dock.
Passing the gate.
Leaving the bay.
I dash to the end of the dock, watching the peaceful water closely, until suddenly...
With a great jump Tilikum leaps forth from the water's trembling surface, his fluke trashing joyfully. He lets out a long, sweet cry.
His nearby pod, as we had predicted, echo's back his calls.
He crashes back into the water sending a huge spray.

I jump up and down, not knowing what to do with my hands, bursting with an indescribable amount of excitement, I scream at the top of my lungs: "I LOVE YOU, TILLY!" I let out another woop of sheer joy. "YOU'RE FREE!"

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

What else would I do? One must never stop dreaming you know.

I fall to my knees as the Baby powder-like substance whirls around me from the impact.
I am speechless.



"I LIVE THERE!" I scream, nearly choking on my own voice, sounding muffled inside my helmet. "I... LIVE ... THERE !!!"

I immediately stretch out my arm and stick out my thumb holding it up to my eye level.
In a moment, the Earth is hidden. Blotted out by my tiny thumb.

I scream.
I cry.
I fall backwards into the soft Moon, my eyes meeting the billions of stars and planets hanging over my head.
"God," I whisper, once I find my voice. "I love you."

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

God Bless you!

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