One of the most awesome ways to eat a cookie

Hi y'all!
Londy and Kate here!
Kate: *Turns to Londs* I'll be doing the typing, ok?
London: Ok, I'll be doing the drooling on the keyboard..
Kate: Ok, good!!...I think....

So anyway,

I was at the table writing yesterday morning after breakfast, with my beloved sister, Mel.

It was one of those lovely, sunny, sit-around-and-do-nothing-but-write days. They're pretty amazing.

So after awhile I decided to roam sneakily into the kitchen and get some kind of finger food that I could eat while I wrote...that means no cream cheese. Dang.

I swung open the double door cabinet with over-caffinated pleasure. (This is where all the yummy items are kept, mind you.)

My eyes fell upon two white tupper-ware containers and my over creative mind went wild. I knew what laid so deliciously inside those humble little white containers trying their very, utmost best to become invisible.

My Mom's just-made-yesterday chocolate chip cookies.

I screamed freakishly with delight at my over-dramatized discovery.

I'd only had a left over piece of Cinnamon sugar-y bread that morning, my lovely, awesome, AWESOME Mommy had grilled it for me with buttery butter. Yeah.

So this warm grilling pan sat sneakily on the stove top staring at me in such a way that made me wonder why...

No, indeed you may be thinking that I was wondering how Renn'e keeps ALL the secrets of the universe in that one little pouch around her neck. (I personally think she stores her secret stash of cola there...but that's just me. )

What my whirling little brain was wondering to itself is: "What would happen if I- (I must interrupt here, because you must know, pretty much every kitchen disaster I've made starts with that sentence! Honest! Okay, we may continue...) Mixed the yummy, oooeygoeyness of the small round delights with the slightly warm, staring awkwardly at me grilling pan thingie?

I burst into overly dramatic evil laughter (not really) and did not hesitate to tear one of the small white tubs from the cupboard.

I screamed over to my intelligent, far more sane sister: "Do you want a GRILLED COOKIE!!!!????"

She stared back at me with the unmistakable expression which is not unfamiliar to me whatsoever. Yep, the: "You're weeeeirrrrddd" Look! Bahahaha! How I love it!

"No I don't" -Replied she.
"M'kay." -I secretly greedily groveled in delight that my selfish self wouldn't have to share.

I lathered the pan with bright-yellow-neon-glow-in-the-dark butter butter butterieness and watched it sizzzzllleeee.

I then selected three yummies from the yummy white yummy container and did not hasten to plop them onto the pan...

Soon a new yummy thing entered the world of yummieness:

...Welcome to Earth, Grilled Chocolate Chip Cookies! *Hugs them and get chocolate smeared all over one's self*

Notice the butter on the top? I did that. (Melly ;)) Enlarged to show awesome texture!

I don't eat hardly any sweets, but that morning I went insanely hog-wild and had three grilled, over buttered cookies.

There's only one reasonal thing left I can say:

YUP! I drew that!

Go read something from the Message Bible, it rocks!

Love you all! God Bless you!


-Kate :)

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