Meet my friend...

You know that feeling, when you know you should really be doing something but you're not really doing anything? Perhaps "lazy" is the correct word I'm looking for...
nahh, I think the word "neglect" suits this situation much better at the moment.

You see, I compose with language, blending emotions, characters, music and surroundings into one scrumptious piece of fiction.

In other less dramatic words...
I write.

There is one amazing being on this planet that I would NOT be able to create this awesome creations without..well there's a few.

All my awesome ideas and inspiration are straight from God. My AWESOME Savior.

My amazing family inspires my beyond belief.

...And then there's this friend.

It's always happy to see me and always there when I need it, well most of the time, and if not, it's the fault of my knack for misplacing things.

We met waaaaaay back ....gosh. When was it? About 4-5 years ago.
Anyway, I'll never ever, EVER forget the day our little beady eyes met.

It was love at first sight.

Mom brought it home with me and Mel in mind. There were 2 other friends with it but one was more into illustrating that writing, so Mel and her became besties right away.

And then there was the one who was into writing.

We got to know eachother and I shared my deepest aspirations of my heart with this dear friend.

Then we set to work.

We wrote our first mystery together...

Then our second....

and...we are now on our sixth mystery book.

My friend is so awesome. I have no idea how it can even handle it all. It knows exactly what I'm thinking, and does it's absolute best to translate my borderline insane brainstorms into readable script. (Mostly readable)

And this is all happening faster than the speed of light, mind you.

This amazing friend... has brought me through so much. Corrected me. Lectured me. Makes me laugh. Plays with me. Inspires me. Loves me.

Everybody, I would like you to meet my awesome friend...

My Pen.

Isn't it beautiful?

All teal and sparkly, resting in my hand so peacefully and gracefully.

My Pens' sitting right here on my desk staring up at me with those beautiful beady eyes, just like it always does when it's plotting some kind of super sneaky scheme...a book idea perhaps..

Me: Pen, I demand that you tell me your idea, of which you are keeping secret from me, most likely, solely to exasperate me.

Pen: *Stares dreamily into space.*

Yes. My Pen is always like that. It won't share it's ideas with me until it's good and ready. My Pen seems to have a way of wrapping me around it's little finger...or rather, my little finger...

Can someone point and scream: "MADE FOR EACH OTHERRRRR!"?

I tell ya. there is no better way to ponder an idea than to take a push pen and bounce it up and down vigorously on it's head, otherwise and commonly know as the clicky up and down button thingie on top.

*Click, click, click, click, click...*brain-juice flows faster* ClickclickclickclickClickclickclickclick!!!!*

Mel: *adorable look of exasperation* Would you stop that noise?!

Bhaha! Yeah. Have I mentioned that this will not always turn out at it's best when there is another avid writer in the room with you, or better yet, at the same table?

My little Pen's comfort grippy thingie has been worn, peeled, taped, tape worn off with my nervous writing antics, re-taped, re-taped, re-taped and so on.

My little grubby fingers and that Pen are inseparable. Best friends forever.

You know, I almost posted a picture of Pen in my last post, but then I knew that I would definitely need an entire post to give my friend the praise it deserves.

*Fingers Pen*

I agree. It's time to go write...

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