Ice Rocks!

Hi everyone!

I haven't updated in awhile, dang.

I really want to do a holiday blogpost... but, I just discovered that my Dad has the camera card I need in order to upload pictures of Thanksgiving foods. So. I am planning on creating some festive dishes and posting how to make it and stuff.

So, keep reading! They'll be up soon! My Dad says be patent, the pictures are getting developed the old fashioned way! Hehehe!

OKAY! *Waves report paper* I've got some ocean updates!

Whaling season is starting, which mean the Commercial Japanese Whalers will be making there way through the southern ocean murdering endangered whales.

Thankfully, the Sea Shepherds will we trailing them and preventing them from harming these amazing animals. SS has a new harpoon interceptor vessel!!!

*dreamyness* Isn't she beautiful? Her name is “Gojira” that's Japanese for “Godzilla!” Mwahahahaaa!

I really like the decal on the bow! :D Haha!

I also heard a bit of good news from the Black Fish: "whaling fleet still in Japan and rumor has it ice is blocking access to Ross Sea, one of the main whaling grounds. Bad season for whalers..." WOOOOOOT! Ice is plays a MAJOR roll in weather or not their gonna be able to leave port..even though most Japanese whaling ships have reinforced hulls, it still won't matter, if there's too much ice, There's too much ice.

I also will be uploading ice rink pictures soonly. Also being developed. ;D

Thanks for reading everyone!

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