Let's talk about Food...

Hello Readers!
I am going to attempt to update this blog more often. (emphasis on attempt)
So this morning as I was writing my book, I had this idea about writing up a delicious little blog post about food.
So I'm basically just gonna list some of my favorites and you can share yours too, m'kay?

So I wake up and usually don't eat anything until about 10:00 AM, when I'm writing.
First, I brew some hot tea, most of the time, it's Red Rose's English Breakfast Tea but today I went with Celestial Seasonings' Sweet Coconut Thai Chai! (It's SO good!)
I usually add a splash of milk, the traditional way to serve Chai Tea, but today I drank it without adding anything and it was still lovely.

It looks soooo good doesn't it? Try it sometime and let me know whatcha think!

I drank My Chai Tea with a side of two Weetabix biscuts. No one else in my family likes them as much as me. Lol! I will say they are kind of dry so, add a little light cream and they are sooo yummy! Also, they only have 3 grams of sugar. So that's my breakfast most mornings.

So, I munched on those and then I was totally craving some of my Mom's homemade blueberry zucchini bread, so she gave me some with Creeeeaaaammmm Cheeeesssseeee....oh man, it's one of the best foods EVER!

It's just heavenly! My Mom is a zucchini bread expert! Every loaf baked with love and goodness...

As my Mom was preparing that with me, I eyed the Cream Cheese on the counter top. Along with a store-bought oatmeal cookie, I made a yummy, chocolate-ey, cookie treat:

It's a lot yummier with Whole grain Ritz Crackers. And the chocolate chips tasted a little...odd with Chai Tea, but it's a great after lunch snack! (So we need a little patience for it! Lol!)

So lunch time rolls around and I'm ready to make a lovely Vegan lunch! I don't eat red meat and I try to avoid eating meat all together, so a salad is a great lunch-time choice.

I took some romaine lettuce, carrots from my garden, plain almonds, Ocean Spray Craisins, My Mom sliced some Avocado for my Dad and I and I topped it all off with an all natural balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing and a pinch of salt and pepper.

After lunch I had a hankering for a little something sweet...

Ever tried RJ's Black Licorice Log? It is well worth the 99 cents! Hahaha, with only 15 grams of sugar and 100% amazing flavor!

So what do you like to eat?

Thanks for reading!

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