-: Relaxxxxxiinnnnggggg. :-

Somtimes I have to kind of force myself to relax.
With all the Ocean Activist projects I am involved with It gets a bit hard sometimes.
Anyway, there's this new feeling in the air....
Kind of like that feeling in your mouth after you eat a mint. That's really how it feels. Leaves are starting to falllll in the yard. Littering the ground. Crows have been stealing the remaining tomatoes in our home garden. I was heading down the driveway a few days ago when I stepped in one. It was half eaten and mushy. :P I wasn't a very happy camper, but in away it was kind of fun. Lol.
We've had two gardens this year, one at the house and another at our building up the street from us. We got tons of beans/tomatoes/zucchini/carrots/lettuce and we're yet to get a cauliflower....which I planted from seedlings.
Here's just some of what we've grown....

So, I relax by:

- Writing.
- Reading.
- Photography
- Listening to music like Owl City :)
- Spending time with plants.

Haha, yes. I love that picture. Mel thinks it's silly but, I mean, Magic buttons rock! It's from the Owl City Fireflies music video. I just recently learned how to use that handy little "print screen" key thanks to my sister. Lol. :D
Speaking of which..Currently playing Owl City Fireflies. Mel and I recently recorded ourselves singing it so maybe I'll upload it once we get acid pro up n' running. :)

Oh, I finished my DOG AE for the message board and it's over 33,391 words long and 75 word doc pages. WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! I am so long winded and I love it! So look for it soon if you're a HeRian. ;)
Gotta run.
God Bless.
-Katestaaaa. XD

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