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Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't updated in fooooorevvvverr! But I just saw that I now have 2 followers so YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Hahahaha!
I have been so awesomely busy of late with some very cool projects that most of you (Mel, Susy, Maudie, GG, Kaitie, ect.) know about.
Like the movie I am filming!
It's called Helen Keller and it's about her life, mostly her childhood. We got the script from this movie>

It's very good! Watch it! :D
Also, as you know, I am working on someexciting new whale stuff to help save whales and to free them. See, whales just don't belong in a tank. It's not normal. So, I want to help free them. ♥
Like Lolita who, as of the 8th of August 8th has been in the smallest and oldest orca tank in the world! It's not even legal. It's pretty sad. Anywho. I found this awesome short film about her by the "Orca Network" If you haven't heard of them before, look them up, they are fab.
So here the video:

Lolita is SO sweet!
And here's my favorite boy Tilly:

Isn't he sweet! Look at his beautiful eye!

I am also testing out another planter I made but I think I'll talk about that later as I am hearing thunder here! Woot! I love big thunderstorms!
So long for now!

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