Heya all!
I'm Kate, also known as Katesta.
I am an Ocean Activist and I love whales of any kind. I love to learn all I can about them!
I am totally for freeing the Orcas who suffer in captivity and for putting and end to whaling.
I support the Sea Shepherds!!!! :D
I love growing things and doing crafts. Wood Burning is awesome.
I can make something cool out of almost anything.
I love animals and my little darlings Buddy (My little baby boy-ehm he's a cat. Lol!) and Sunshine (My sweet lil girl...also a cat! Hahaha!)
I love Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys books and games.
I write. A LOT. HAHA! I have written over 15 books and 2 AE's on HeR Interactive. (Comming soon...my 3rd AE!!! WOOOHOO!) :D

So, welcome to my Blog! I had one of these a looooooong time ago, so I need to kinda re-learn this stuff. Haha!
Thanks for comming!
I'll post more later!

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