Gardening with...garbage. Aka recycling.

Decided to take a quick break from writng my Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake AE, so why not write up a quick blog post? :D

Ok, so as I said before, I LOVE growing things!
I am sitting right next to a window filled with plants that I am rooting in water and soil.

I have made 2 recycled planters.

Anyone like vitamin water? My favorite is POWER C! :D
I had just finished drinking one and I didn't really want to toss the bottle...I wanted to make something with it. So, the vitamin water recycled greenhouse was born!

It works great! I have Moon Flower seeds growing in mine...

Here's how to make it:

-Take an empty and rinsed vitamin water bottle.
- Peel the wrapper off.
- Cut the top off with a sharp knife (Be careful!)
- Fill with soil up to about where the wrapper had ended.
- Take six seeds of your choice and put one in each little bubble around the bottle.
- Make sure seed is visible, then pat soil over each seed.
- Water and watch it grow!

The photo's were taken just yesterday by me and my Sister and the Moon Flowers have gotten even bigger since then!
I gotta run, have a great day and grow something green!

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